Jodi Fuller’s Bio:

“Art has always been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. Over the years  I developed an appreciation for the old masters. my love of painting has evolved as I tried many different styles and techniques that allowed me to express myself through my own perspective, always including strong color and interesting textures. I love to view art and love the feeling of being captured  as I fall in love with a piece of art. My paintings are all based on capturing the romanticism of a place through light and color and hoping it captures the viewer, weather its someplace I have been to personally or someplace that exists in my minds eye.

    I was drawn to the Art of Jon McNaughton, and particularly the landscapes he painted. He had developed a technique using acrylics that I found mimicked the techniques of the old masters. I was eager to learn and  began an apprenticeship with Jon. He has been a wonderful mentor and I have loved perfecting his technique which is simple yet effective in romanticizing light and color in the way I feel it should be. I am lucky to have such an amazing mentor and friend,  as well as a family who supports my painting ambitions and hope to continue to paint the places I have been and want to go for the rest of my life. Painting has brought me happiness and contentment and I feel so blessed to be able to spend time doing what I love. My only hope is that someone else might find the same pleasure in viewing my art as it does when I admire others. So, Thank you for your interest.”

Please note that custom sizes are available on all paintings by request.


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